We are supplying drilling bits, routing bits and milling bits with different diameters.

* PCB Drill, and Routing.

1.PCB Drill Series:
• Ultra Micro & Micro Drill Series
• Small Drill Series.
• Medium & Inverse Drill Series.

2.PCB Routing:
• Routers for contour routing.
• Routers for slitting.
• Routers for soft materials.
• Cutters for spot facing.
• Cutters for V-shape grooving.
• Routers for nonferrous metals.
• Cutters for contour finishing
Cutters for contour finishing (RI - 3 flutes)
Cutters for spot facing (IC Series)
Cutters for spot facing (SI series)
Cutters for spot facing (SM Series)
Cutters for V-shape grooving (RV - V Groove)
Routers for contour routing (RHMFT)
Routers for contour routing (RLE series)
Routers for soft materials (SF series)
* Carbide End Mills.

Our End Mills are able to mill wide-ranging materials including not only steel such as carbon steel, stainless steel, pre hardened steel and hardened steel., but also aluminum alloy, copper, graphite, plastic, cemented carbide and ceramics.